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Waste free Christmas Ideas

I love Christmas time. The warm air from the open fire moving the smell of the pine needles on my Christmas tree through the house, and cosy creative evenings with Michael Buble playing in the background. However I do find it sad to know that 6 million Christmas decorations are thrown away each year and…

Natural Solutions for sunburn

Summer is here and as much as we try and avoid getting burnt chances are it will happen at least once over the next few months when you least expect it on an overcast day or whilst down by the coast where the rays reflect off the water. 

Back to nature beauty care and what to avoid by Primrose Matheson

We are becoming far more familiar now with the importance of healthy nutritious food that often skincare can be seen as something separate and less important. The trouble is what we put on our skin is in many ways more important as we absorb 90% of it and unlike what we eat which has the enzymes in…

The Power of Positive Thoughts on your appearance

Lets start off with a universal truth, which is that you are entirely the creator of your own reality with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. With this in mind we need to be aware of what we are saying and thinking and believing to make sure they are in line with our goals and desires.

Skincare Products Awareness- check them out.. by Fiona Waring

Dear All, Thank you for being interested in what’s happening in my newsletter this month. This was a newsletter I put together last year but it is a subject which I try to highlight as much as I can. When we spend so much time and effort on trying to eat healthier food, why do…