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The importance of a Zen Breakfast

“If you eat standing up death looks over your shoulder” Ayurvedic Proverb In the last 20 years the common sight of families sitting down to eat breakfast together has become somewhat rare. Despite developments in technologies that help us to do more, more quickly we still seem to be out of time to commit to…

Best of British -The PK love affair with locally grown ingredients

At Primrose’s Kitchen our passion is for British made and wherever possible British sourced. We take great care to find the best quality organic produce grown by passionate farmers and producers like us. Being a muesli and granola producer we use a LOT of oats. Being a key ingredient it is important we don’t use…

Pesticides in our Food

Hippocrates said “Let Food by thy medicine and Medicine be thy food” and I agree with him. Food should nourish and strengthen us with its vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.   At Primrose’s Kitchen we talk about Living in line with Nature. For me this is eating uncontaminated foods, breathing in clean air, taking regular exercise…

Simple Hacks to Beat Sugar Cravings for Good

Do you often say you have a ‘sweet tooth’ and can’t go a single meal without something sweet to finish off with? It’s all too easy to give into the 4 pm slump, reach for a coffee and a few digestive biscuits, just to get some quick energy and sweetness to get you through the…

Rosie Underwood - yoga

Yoga For Runners

Guest Blog by Alexandra Parren, Sundried If you’re a runner, staying strong and supple are very important for both your performance and to prevent injury. I think most of us are guilty of not stretching enough, even though we know that it is imperative for improving flexibility, range of motion, and helping us stay pain-free….

Beautiful nature - spring flowers

Primrose’s Spring Tips

Primrose’s Spring Tips   Spring is finally here thank goodness and we can finally shake off the last remnants of the winter and blossom with new energy and new life like the flowers around us. As I walk into my garden and the fields around where I live it always surprises me how much life…