Wildlife Top Tips

I have drawn up my top tips you can start implementing in your life to make a difference to the Planet and wildlife around us.

  1. Stop using slug pellets as these get eaten by a whole host of other species and put chemicals into our soils.

Alternatives: Seal your garden and rehome some hedgehogs to deal with slugs and snails:

Buy nematodes

Place little trays of stale beer or cider around the garden

Place road salt around the edges of vegetable gardens


  1. Hang bird feeders so your local community of birds have a back up food source


  1. Stop using toxic cleaners in your home and switch to Ph neutral makes like Ecover


  1. Stop using fabric conditioner in your washing machine. This is one of the most damaging products for our Sea. It has a devastating effect on the natural enzymes it comes into contact with.


  1. Stop buying clothing that contains polyester and plastic derivative fabrics as they end up as micro plastics when washed into our water systems which end up back in our food chain.


  1. See any wildlife in need and take the time out of your busy schedule to help it or put it out of its misery if need be.


  1. Create wood piles in your garden for mammals to live in

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