Wild Forage Kefir

Kefir is a potent probiotic, which supports gut health. With the link between the gut and mental health more well understood now it is more important than ever that we bring back our ancestral knowledge of fermented foods to support our body with.

Kefir comes in two forms. As water kefir grains which you can use with water and milk kefir grains which you use with milk. As someone who doesn’t drink milk I use the water ones but both are beneficial and surprisingly often the milk one is suitable for those who don’t respond well to dairy normally due to the fermentation process it undergoes.

The grains themselves are made up of cultures of bacteria and yeasts working symbiotically together and have an unlimited lifespan provided they are looked after.

For water kefir you will need the following ingredients

1 packet of water kefir grains – you can buy on amazon

3 tablespoons of raw cane sugar

1 litre kilner jar

5 sultanas or dried mulberries or other dried fruit

handful of cleavers

6 primroses

handful of nettles


Although using so much sugar might seem frightening be assured that the grains use this sugar as a food which they digest.

Place all the ingredients in the kilner jar and top with filtered water.

Don’t use tap water if it is highly chlorinated.

(I recommend referring to my blog post on water filters if you are on the mains system)

Leave in a warm place (airing cupboards work best)

Allow to ferment for 3 days.

The kefir should be fizzy when you open the lid. The liquid may be lighter in colour and slightly cloudy. It shouldn’t taste sweet but rather slightly sour or tangy.

Drain the kefir grains from the water using a plastic sift ( metal will damage the grains) and bottle up your kefir water.

Put the grains back in the kefir jar and start the process again.

If you look after your grains well and do not use fresh fruit juices your kefir grains will continue to grow and you can split them and share them with someone else and inspire them.

Drink at least 50ml per day ideally in the morning on rising.

You can also use it has a mixer for alcoholic drinks!


Other combinations:

Fresh Ginger and Turmeric

Rose and Cardammon

Nettle and Rosehips

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