Time for tea

fresh, natural tea with herbs and flowers

In the UK we love our tea and we spend a fortune on teabags, the majority of which contain a lot of dusty contents, are placed in bags often containing plastic fibres and generally we infuse them ONCE very quickly. I have always felt them very wasteful…

I prefer infusing spices and fresh herbs straight into the pot then keep refilling with hot water until I have made the most of every drop of goodness natures precious ingredients contain. After that they can go straight into my compost and the cycle continues to create new life.

Spices are hugely healing additions to your tea cup being natural anti-inflammatories, anti bacterials, and rich in antioxidants. And even better you will no doubt already have them in your kitchen cupboard at home! Often if your not cooking regularly these end up going off and losing their vitality and before you know it you have spices with a best before date of 5 years ago sitting there. Using them in teas means they can regularly be refreshed which benefits your cooking too!

Making tea is a ritual for many people whether that is first thing in the morning or throughout the day. I like to use a glass tea pot for this so I can appreciate the beautiful colours of the natural ingredients I put in it and watch the infusion process. It creates more awareness for the tea making process and more appreciation In my opinion. Here is a great website for a choice of such teapots. https://www.theteamakers.co.uk/glassware.html

Infuse a teaspoon of any of the following well-known spices in a strainer or teapot for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Here is a list of your cupboard spices you might want to include:

Cinnamon Sticks – great sugar level balancer

Cloves- immune booster, anti inflammatory

Black pepper- antiseptic, immune booster

Turmeric sticks-anti-inflammatory

Star anise- reduces nausea

Cardamom- improves circulation, antioxidant

Fennel – aids digestion

Cumin- improves skin disorders


All fruits can be infused in hot water as a tea but these are a couple that I use  most frequently:

Goji berries- immune booster, anti inflammatory.

Sultanas- a tibbetan remedy for adrencal support.

Fresh lemon

Fresh orange/blood orange


In addition to the spices you can also look to your garden for free ingredients:

Nettles – use the tips as this is where the most energy is contained.

Cleavers – great lymphatic drainer

Primroses – great for calming the nervous system/ sleeplessness

Violet flowers and leaves- lymph drainer

Rosemary – volatile oils great for the chest and immune system

Thyme – volatile oils great for sore throats.

Parsley – urinary tract support, alkalsing

Mint- digestive issues

A few of my favourite combinations:

Turmeric, black pepper, rose petals

Goji berries, nettles,

Cleavers, nettles, rose petals

Elderflower and thyme

Elderberries and fresh ginger

Fennel and fresh mint

Primroses, violets, nettles

Parsely and lemon


“My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand your affairs.”

Charles Dickens, Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy

“Making tea is a ritual that stops the world from falling in on you.”

Jonathan Stroud, The Creeping Shadow

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