Thrush and treating it naturally by Primrose Matheson

I was asked to write some articles about some of the more embarrassing ailments we have to deal with through our life. This was one of them and like all things that you speak about openly and head on, you take away the power they have to embarass or make you feel awkward about . Remember, they are things we all have to deal with at one point or another…

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by a fungus known as Candida albicans thats lives throughout the body.

We always have this fungus in us but most of the time the fine balance of this bacteria is such that it doesn’t prove to be a problem. If we think of our body like soil in a flower bed, when we nurture the soil it grows healthy flowers, when we don’t give it attention it grows weeds.

In the same way when we become stressed, we release cortisol which has the effect of lowering our immune system and increasing blood sugar levels. Candida feeds off these increased sugar levels and this fine balance will be disturbed.

Antibiotic use can can lead to its overgrowth as antibiotics wipe out your beneficial bacteria. This is why it is often recommended to take probiotics after a course of antibiotics.

The oestrogen contained in the pill will also act like sugar to feed candida so its best to look for other methods of contraception if you are very prone to it.

Alongside the antibiotic use, overtoxicity from our environment (what we eat, drink and inhale) will add to a reduced immune system, which alongside a diet rich in sugar can increase your chances of creating an imbalance. (sugar fights with vitamin C in the body for cell absorption)

Symptoms of thrush are basically symptoms of Candida focused in the area of the vagina and lead to symptoms of:

itching and soreness around the entrance to the vagina

thick clumpy white discharges

redness and excess heat

pain during sex

stinging when you pee for some people.

We can see the monumental effects of candida in severely immune compromised individuals such as AIDS patients who have systemic candidiasis where it runs through their body from mouth to anus and can lead to leaky gut, problems with absorption and assimilation and extreme tiredness.

As a fungus people automatically go for antifungals, which are great additions but ultimately are only dealing with the symptoms. Examples are:

grapefruit seed extract

oregano oil

garlic pills.

Pau d’arco tea can be drunk

a lot of garlic, cinnamon and cloves can be added to your diet. You can also use a garlic clove as a suppository whilst you sleep at night and coconut oil or natural yogurt as a soothing cream.

But my main advice is to boost the immune system and look for any emotional triggers or stresses in your life that can be removed.

Increase food sources of vitamin C (not ascorbic acid which will make it worse as its derived from corn syrup)

Baobab and Acai powder are great and can be added to vegetable based smoothies. Stay away from all fruits apart from berries, which have the high vitamin and antioxidants and the lowest sugar levels.

Take magnesium citrate, which is your stress mineral to help support the body.

Stay away from all refined foods and concentrate on a diet of fresh vegetables and pulses as much as possible.

Also avoid any non-organic meat or dairy as the hormones in non-organic meat and dairy can act like sugar to feed the Candida.

Drink plenty of water and make sure you have a good intake of fibre to flush out toxins, and excess hormones and antibiotics in your system.

Practice meditation or mindfulness on a daily basis to reduce stress levels.

Problems expressed in this area of the base chakra are often related to issues of personal  security and survival, and hampered creativity. This might be due to being in the wrong relationship or the wrong job as an example. When these are resolved this can often resolve the problem.

Physically its important to  wash and change your clothing after exercise as candida loves a warm humid environment to thrive.

I am always at the end of an email to answer any questions you might have info@primroseskitchen.com

x Primrose

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