The Power of Positive Thoughts on your appearance

Lets start off with a universal truth, which is that you are entirely the creator of your own reality with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

With this in mind we need to be aware of what we are saying and thinking and believing to make sure they are in line with our goals and desires.

The Hawaiians had the right idea when they created their language. For instance the word Aloha that means hello and goodbye also means Love and the “breath of life”. In this way wherever they go and who ever they meet they are spreading this love through a simple word.

Keeping our thoughts pure and positive is something we all struggle with.

We find our selves in what the Buddhists describe as Samsara, a continuous cycle between death and rebirth, happiness and unhappiness through our attachment to things in our lives. This leads to a desire to grab hold of things in our life, like our youth, our relationships rather than going with the ebb and flow, in and out of life, valuing each step of the journey as an opportunity for growth.

Our challenge is to keep our awareness and keep our connectivity to our heart. This means constantly checking in with ourselves when we experience emotions and feelings that we don’t like.

The root of these feelings nearly always has its root in fear. Our challenge is to go beyond this fear and make it our friend rather than our foe.

In relation to beauty our fears surround wrinkles and getting old. These fears come from a memory of the past and therefore an attachment to it. Buddha said “all attachment is suffering”.  In the same way when we worry about getting old we are fearing the future. When we accept who we are now and accept our individual beauty in what ever form that comes  we can enjoy an inner peace. Everything in nature is constantly changing ,when we see ourselves as a mere reflection of this we can feel truly connected.

When we give ourselves the time and attention our body and skin need in the moment e.g. regular hydration, fresh nutrient rich food and regular exercise we will no longer have to reach out for the latest creams, gels and plastic surgeons as we are taking responsibility for ourselves in the moment.  Self responsibility and self trust are key disciplines for influencing how you feel and therefore how you look.


This forces us to slow down and be on the spot and in touch with our emotions and feelings, enabling us to watch them without judgement and choose to move beyond them if they no longer serve us.

For healthy vibrant skin try the following each day for a month.

Picture in your mind how you wish to see yourself. Maybe it’s an image of you with no blemishes, with brighter skin and a sparkle in your eyes? Maybe it’s you running around with a lot of energy?

Picture this vision in your minds eye whilst focusing the attention between your third eye (eyes shut)

Feel in your body the sense of happiness and joy that you know you would feel from looking this way, allow it to absorb into all parts of your body from the area of your heart, feel your heart expand.

Breathe deeply in and out and go back to your breath if you have trouble sitting still.

Sit in this space for 10 minutes each day.

Each time a thought comes into your mind go back to that picture.

Alongside this throughout the day you can repeat this affirmation to yourself:

“ I am happy and grateful I am beautiful with perfect clear and radiant skin”


“I am full of energy and vitality”

Daily mantras to stick to

  1. Cleanse daily with a natural chemical free face wash

If you are prone to acne then cleanse morning and night and exfoliate with a chemical free exfoliator (you can make a good one out of ground almond and soaked oats)

When you feel tightness on your skin, you know your skin is perfectly clean.

At night use a chemical free toner and you can use light night oil if you are prone to dry skin

In the morning use a chemical free moisturizer or pure oil like Rose of Mosqeta.

I love the Suki range as my skin tends towards dryness; they do some great balancing products.

Use chemical free makeup

Chemical free is important as most of the products we are used to using and are readily available contain parabens and petroleums, which are drying long term and toxic to your body.

When out in cold and wind use a scarf around your face to protect it!

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