Signs and symbols in our everyday life

For thousands of years we have been carrying the belief that we are separate from one another and that in order to survive in the world we must compete for our survival. This has been the cause of much of the world’s destruction and our own misery.

As the illusion of separation begins to unwind and we begin to realise our connection once again to mother earth and one another we can begin to understand that our universe as we see it is in fact just a reflection of ourselves. We are all ONE.

Everything that is outside of us is also inside of us.

Love only comes from loving ourselves, happiness only comes from our presence now.

In our relationships with others this is clearly seen when we react strongly to something someone has said or done. For us to react to it that same thing must be present in ourselves otherwise we would not recognise it in the other person.

As a Homeopath it ties in nicely with homeopathic medicines which work in a similar way. They follow the law of similars which says when the correct remedy is matched to the correct presenting picture healing occurs.

The remedy is like someone in our life who we react strongly too. It confronts us with ourselves so we can know ourselves in this moment and remove a layer of illusion that has caused symptoms to occur. Symptoms that ultimately justify or enable the illusion to continue.

When we come to terms with this concept we can also remove all judgement from our way of being as ultimately we are judging ourselves when we judge others. Everything is perfect in the universe at this time.

We struggle and worry about what we have to do or achieve but really we just have to be and realise what is needed will present itself.

This again is a difficult concept to understand, as there is war and disease and great poverty in the world. But these things are devices for us to learn from and encourage us to have an open compassionate heart. They might seem unfair or forces of evil but ultimately man through his decisions over the years have created this reality for himself in order to find himself and come back to his true godliness. The second coming is not the return of a single man called Christ but the return of Christ within each of us, our own self realisation and through this the root of happiness.

On an individual level we only learn our lessons and grow from the difficulties in our life. When we ignore problems or issues individually they grow into a global problem, which is what we see now. But although seemingly a global dilemma the solution again lies in the individual, not from governments representing the whole.

The solution lies in self-responsibility and realising this connection to all things and being in the world with an open loving heart working for the service of others.

When you realise we are all connected the world becomes alive in a way like never before. Ultimately everything that comes to you be it people, events, animals or objects all bring wisdom. This is where exploring symbols and sign meanings can be very helpful. Alongside our intuition they can confirm answers to questions we have and remind us that we are on the right track, which can be comforting.

Things, which may have seemed meaningless and coincidental now become synchronistic and offer helpful messages along the path of life.

When these things are frequently repeated, life is often calling us to pay attention. For instance hearing a phrase or a song with specific lyrics repeated on the radio may be messages if they resonate with you in that moment. Seeing specific numbers can be linked in with numerology, a fascinating subject to explore.

Animals have a long history of symbolic association. Robins are associated with new beginnings but as everything contains its opposite they are also associated with death. In two instances when members of my family died I had a robin fly into the house at the approx time of their death. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and transcendence and encourage you to set everything that was once known aside and to embrace a new way of being.

Native American practices are rooted in connection with all of life. Their practice of “animal medicine” embraces the awareness that reveals itself when a certain animal crosses its path.

They use the word medicine as it refers to the healing aspects that the particular animal brings to our consciousness in order to strengthen, support, empower, or revive the spiritual body along with the physical.

By understanding what an animal represents we can use its wisdom to create changes accordingly.

When we realise everything is perfect and everything has something to teach us we can enjoy being fully present, each moment is a gift as each moment is offering something to us for our growth and ultimately it is my belief that is why we are here. To grow.

There is a lovely quote that again I have seen twice recently and fits in very well with the topic of this article.

“In the end only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you” Buddha

Love x Primrose

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