Organic Orange & Cashew Granola 300g - Primrose's Kitchen

Organic Orange & Cashew Granola 300g

Primrose’s Kitchen Organic Orange & Cashew Granola

Our organic orange and cashew granola is a vital and wholesome combination of sunflower seeds, oranges, raisins, cashew nuts, coconut pieces, cinnamon, nutmeg and Himalayan salt.

Now packaged with love in a home compostable bag!

Our granola is made with fresh oranges slowly air dried at low temperatures to preserve nutrients, flavour & enzymes.

#No Added Sugar

#Slowly Air Dried



#Gluten Free

Ingredients: Sunflower seeds*, oranges*, raisins*, cashew nuts*, coconut pieces*, cinnamon*, nutmeg* and Himalayan salt. *Organic ingredients

Contains nuts.


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