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Pure Water

Pure Water

Pure Water – Ideas for healthier hydration

Is it just me or do other people find the levels of chlorine in their mains water supply quite astounding. Whilst running my bath the other day I felt like I was about to get into a public swimming pool with the chlorine smell resonating through the steamy air.

Whilst I am amazed this is allowed to happen the fact is it does, even in Dorset and finding solutions to this over the last couple of years has been top of my list.

Why? Because water is essential for life and I drink at least 2 litres of it everyday therefore I want the quality of it to be the best it can so my body doesn’t have additional strain to remove another man made toxin.

Water Filters

Ideally one would like to find a home that had its own well but that wasn’t an option for me so I started exploring filters and I finally came across The Berkey which I believe to be the best out there at an affordable price point.

A slick and simple to put together filter it also has a lifetime guarantee  (but you have to replace filters).

At £250 their small Travel Berkey wasn’t cheap but it was most definitely worth the investment in my health and the health of those that stay with me. It is easy to use and provides me with adequate supplies.  Larger sizes are available depending on the size of your family.

What makes it great and was certainly the decider for me is it comes with the option of a second set of charcoal filters which are able to take out fluoride, chlorine and heavy metals from the water, something more familiar brands like Brita is unable to do.

As an additional fail-safe I also invested in a rain collector, which is my preference over the tap water to fill up my Berkey.

This probably sounds like a bore to have to do but like anything you repeat you eventually form habits.

Crystals & Wild Plants, Fruits & Flowers

Additional improvements you can make to the water are to place crystals in it. I generally have a jug of my filtered water on the side, which I do this with. Double terminated quartz crystals are great water energizers as our rose quartz.

Equally a nice handwritten message of intention like love, peace or cleanse is good to do. I also have a mat of the Flower of Life, which is a holy glyph, which contains the patterns of creation, and I believe to be a powerful image, which I place my glass of water on.

Masaru Emoto who wrote “The Hidden Messages in Water” proved the relationship between the quality of the water and our intentions through the documented experiments he did with frozen water crystals and I encourage you to read about them, as they are fascinating.

As our bodies arer made up of 90% water it stands to reason that our own wellbeing is very much influenced by our own thoughts and those around us which is why it is important to keep them pure and clear.

Fresh wild plants, fruits and flowers can also be used to energise the water.

Pick fresh primroses, violets, marigolds, daisies and place them in your water jug and leave the jug in the sunlight. Bach flower remedies are made in a similar way, the gentle and subtle heat of the sun releasing the plants phytochemicals into your water to benefit from.


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Primrose x

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