Make chaos your friend in 2017


It’s a New Year and that time when we throw ourselves into our new years resolutions. Often our diet, exercise routine and social life change in an extreme way for 3-4 weeks as we earnestly try to start our year on a good footing and shed some excess weight.

Instead of the gradual build up of good habits through repetition during the year we try and achieve the extreme and do it all at once. We love extremes as we can really feel them. In our comatose world of pharma drug reliance, noise, pollution and a warped relationship with time the nuances are harder to distinguish and we lose touch with ourselves.

Extremes have ended up dictating our food choices too.

Gluten free, paleo, wheat free, vegan, are all words we are familiar with. They all describe specific food groups, which are all hailed as being the best option for our health.

It is no wonder we are often left confused.

We forgot that we are all unique individuals and our bodies all have their own quirks and preferences.

Human beings in recent years have favoured a blanket approach; we want trends, to make sense of the chaos. Chaos doesn’t feel safe and controlled.

Unfortunately happiness and health comes from embracing that seeming chaos, embracing yourself and building a relationship with yourself so you can navigate through life unhindered by others opinions.

This needs to be done in all aspects of our lives, the physical, spiritual and emotional.

The last two ask us to dig a lot deeper so to warm us up we have a natural instinct to start with our diet. It doesn’t happen all at once.

Whilst I understand that for some people due to discomfort , certain foods have to been avoided for a certain period of time, my feeling is there is no right ONE way that stands true ever.

In order to reject anything in life including wealth you must first experience it, otherwise what you say is based on ignorance as we only learn through first hand experience, not passed down information.

Beearing in mind that no cell in your body will be the same cell it was a year from now. It stands to reason that foods, people, thought patterns should be revisited to see if anything has changed. Ultimately to see if your resistances have altered.

We have a range of food groups for a reason and they all offer our body a range of nutrients.

I think it is important to analyse all sides of a possible food intolerance. Take grains for example. It is easy to blame a food without considering the thoughts below:

  1. a) very dissimilar to the original form of this grain chemically
  2. b) they are processed to a far greater extent and chemicals are added to this process
  3. c) far more chemical fertilisers and pesticides are used at each stage of growth with the residue of which is stored in the grain when we eat it.
  4. d) If we are eating a lot of refined foods and under stress any food has the ability to become an irritant for your gut as this is where those emotions are held.
  5. e) We are not processing the raw materials in our homes in the best possible way for our digestion eg. soaking and fermenting.

Be curious and ask yourself how the food might have changed from its original natural source, very often the answer is found here.

We all have our favourite foods as we have our favourite people and favourite places to go. The variety of the foods we eat has reduced considerably.

From the hundreds of wild edible foods in the UK (which each have beneficial healing properties with regular eating) we choose from a modest selection of fruit and vegetables which are often imported.

This year I encourage you to embrace the new. Jump out of your comfort zone and enlarge your food groups. Give your body the chance to take more nutrition from more variety. Learn about wild foods in your area.

Along with that seek the details of where your food has come from and how it has been raised or grown.

Eating well is the greatest form of self respect and you deserve it.

Embrace your uniqueness, be curious and embrace the chaos in 2017.

Love and Muesli


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