First Aid Homeopathy for Sport and Exercise

With all this exercise taking place across the world as we try and put into action our new years resolutions there is bound to be some strain and “overdoing it” as we push ourselves to get back into shape after the holidays.

Sometimes these sore feelings can last a little while or lead to further decline which is why I have put together a key list of homeopathic first aid remedies you can use easily at home.

The word Homeopathy comes from two Greek words “homoios” meaning similar and “pathos” meaning disease or suffering and was first formulated by the renowned German Physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1789.

A minimal, homeopathic dose of a natural substance (plant, animal, or mineral), which would normally cause symptoms in a healthy person, when given to a sick person exhibiting those symptoms, will effect a cure. For example, this is why people can often take homeopathic Rhus toxicodendron (poison ivy plant) to cure their allergic reaction to poison ivy.

It works on the principle of “likes are cured by likes”. In homeopathy, the success of treatment lies in correctly identifying the medicine whose characteristics perfectly match the patient’s set of symptoms.

For the first aid remedies below I would suggest using a potency of 6c, which you can take up to every 4 hours and is readily available in Boots and health food shops. The pillules can be added to your water or dissolved sublingually under the tongue.

Lets take you through them…

Running in the cold? Getting damp and chilled and arrive home feeling under the weather?

Then Aconite is your remedy. It is great for illness that come on after exposure to cold weather or wind or an acute illness generally on the first day of onset.

I also suggest supplementing with Baobab to boost your immune system as its full of food based Vitamin C and antioxidants.

For any kind of trauma whether it is falling over, straining muscles or colliding with someone else during a match then use Arnica. It will limit bruising, reduce pain and increase the rate of healing. You can also get it as a cream and apply topically if the skin is not broken.

If the area you have injured is particularly rich in nerves you may want to use Hypericum along side the Arnica.  Areas like tips of fingers, toes, spine and coccyx can be aided with a combination of the two remedies.  For an injury, like a sprain that worsens with any motion or where there is an injury to a tendon or ligament then Ruta is fantastic for speeding up the healing process. This can be used alongside arnica too.

For a  black eye you might automatically think of Arnica for the bruising which would be correct but you can also use Ledum alongside.  Ledum is also indicated for any puncture wounds or strains where the wound feels cold but is better for cold applications.

Although we are a few months away from hot sun in England some of you might be lucky enough to be working out in the heat of warmer climbs and sunburn might be an issue for you. Alongside that dehydration and sweat could lead to or increase the likelihood of bladder infections.Cantharis is the answer for both of these. Considered the best treatment for any type of burn that produces blisters and indicated in bladder infections with burning pain and frequent urination.

Although it is January and some of you might be off the booze overindulgence can appear in many forms. As we know if we overdo anything we tend to cause ourselves problems, balance is key! If you feel like there has been overindulgence of eating, drinking or even too much exercise and not enough vital sleep then think of Nux Vomica. It is a great supportive remedy that aids in detoxification and stress reduction. Alongside this you might like to try nettle tea which will support this process.

Last but not least something you can frequently experience if you work out hard is joint pain. This might be in the form of sprains or arthritis. Rhus Tox is a great remedy for this if the symptoms are worse for cold, better for gentle movement and warm applications. This can be a handy supportive remedy. The tissue salt Calc Flour can also be taken alongside to help increase flexibility. Increasing the use of coconut oil and essential fatty acids found in seeds and fish can help lubricate the joints and keep you supple.

And don’t forget our special “Energy Superfood Booster” which is a combination of great endurance increasing ingredients  such as Maca, Cordyceps, Moringa and sprouted hemp protein to really support your body!

Happy Exercising!

Primrose x

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