Embracing our own equinox by Primrose Matheson

As the spring equinox approaches it has got me considering it as a reflection of our own desire for equilibrium.

An equinox is defined as when the hours of daylight and darkness are approximately of equal length. They occur twice in the year, once around the 20th March and again around 22nd September. It happens because the plane of the earth’s equator passes the centre of the sun so in that instant the tilt of the earth’s axis neither tilts away or towards the sun.

This speaks to me of balance and a time of presence rather than looking ahead or looking back. It speaks to me of witnessing the good feelings and the bad and instead of reacting to either choosing to embrace them both and go beyond them.

Old memories of the past, old attachments stop us from experiencing the present fully as it is. We recollect “better days” and we make continued plans for the future because there is this hope that it will be more exciting than now. It also allows us to ignore our emotions, our discomfort with our own presence in the moment.

When we can truly embrace and trust and love every part of ourselves we can find happiness in the present. The present is ultimately where the root of happiness can be found, it is where dark meets light and both.

We have to maintain the idea of the “human being” rather than the human doing and find a centralising point within us that can anchor us in the moment, our own equinox. Then work through the emotional challenges this might bring and confront them to go beyond them otherwise  “ Whatever you resist persists”.

Part of experiencing this fully comes from merging it with self-trust and self love.

We are all individuals on an individual journey. It is not in our best interests as individuals to do things the same as other people often enough. What we find in our society is that you are criticized or made to feel less than when you don’t conform or do things to set methods that have been tried and established.  Don’t doubt yourself.  When you hold onto any fixed idea or way of being you lose the potential for something more, and in an infinite universe there is a lot more to come!

Your requirements from your experiences could be completely different to someone doing the same thing,  that is why it is important not to compare yourself to others or judge others, you don’t know what their journey is.

Don’t forget you are your best teacher. Others merely reflect and show you what you already know.

Don’t be led by others. You have everything you need, all the knowledge, understanding and ideas that you need in this moment to achieve what ever you need to in this moment. Trust in that.

Love and light



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