Diet Dilemmas

By Primrose Matheson, founder of Primrose’s Kitchen www.primroseskitchen.com

January is here and we all want to do the best for our bodies and ourselves, and start the year the way we mean to go on.

I often have lots of people asking my view on the different diets that are being promoted at the moment. Do I go gluten free? Wheat free? Alkaline? Paleo? Sugarfree? It appears like a terribly confusing situation – but it needn’t be.

My advice in these situations is to look at food like anything else in your life. Your partners, your home, where you choose to live and the clothes you choose to wear. It is rare to get them right first time, you try them out and see what works for YOU.

What makes you feel the most energized, balanced, happy and ultimately the best person you can be? Only you know. Your mother, your boss and the Daily Mail columnist may have ideas about what is best for health and happiness but not your health and happiness specifically.

This is the Naturopathic Way, it means taking responsibility for yourself, checking in with yourself, seeing what feels right and having the courage to step out of the relationships, dress codes, habits and diets that are not supporting you.

We are all unique and all the things I have mentioned above will reflect this, my thoughts will resonate with some people and not with others.

We have a tendency to feel there is something wrong with us when one of these things doesn’t work or feel good. We look to try and change ourselves to make outside factors fit or to make people like us.

This will never be the path to happiness, we are individual for a reason. Our individuality is the compass in our life that will guide us to who, what and where we are supposed to be. It will also guide us towards food that best suits us if we listen to our body.

Most of our preferences arise because fear has stopped us from learning about and trying alternatives, this is where we can all help one another.

Our differences have broken humanity up as a whole in the past but now its time to use those differences to unite us.

Inspire others through the recipes, food choices, lifestyle options you make, don’t judge them if they don’t do it.

Intolerances and allergies to food are no different to intolerances to certain people in our life that no longer serve us. Our body is asking us to try something new, explore, change and learn about new ways of being and living. Once we have done that exploring (like T.S Eliot describes*) we often come back to the place where we go “actually I do really like and miss cheese” but your relationship with it will be healthier and more balanced. It will be one of mutual love and respect rather than neediness and habit.

*“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”

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