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Chia & Charcoal Porridge

 December 11, 2018  Lifestyle

As a business we believe in the importance of using as locally sourced produce as possible as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly suppliers. When you support Primrose’s Kitchen you are supporting Great British Producers.

Our Chia and Charcoal porridge is a combination of creamy Organic British oats with the finest kiln made Dorset charcoal and the superfood of the Mayans known as chia.

It is the perfect nutritious porridge base for you to add your favourite fruit or nuts to.

  • Gluten free
  • 98% Organic ingredients
  • Home Compostable packaging

For this porridge, we source the charcoal from The Dorset Charcoal Company who produce charcoal just down the road from PK HQ.

Jim, the founder of The Dorset Charcoal Company uses forestry commissioned land to create charcoal from oak wood that is thinned from sustainably managed forestry areas across Dorset. The thinned oak is cut down and ready for him and his team to turn into charcoal – each job can take around 3 months and there is a huge amount of wood to get through! 6 tonnes of wood results in 1 tonne of charcoal and Jim produces approximately 50 tonnes of charcoal per year.

Rather than transporting the wood to Jim’s yard, it is easier and more efficient to set up the kilns in the forestry areas where the pre-cut wood is waiting and then when the process is complete, the charcoal is taken to the yard to be distributed.

90% of the UK’s charcoal is imported and generally comes from unsustainable sources that do not consider deforestation. Getting our charcoal from The Dorset Charcoal Company not only reduces our carbon footprint by using a local supplier but also considers environmental factors such as deforestation.

Firstly, the kilns are stacked with chopped wood and set alight for 12 hours. After this the chimneys are added to the kilns to control the oxygen. At this point the thick smoke will turn yellowish and thins. If it turns to a blue smoke there is too much burning taking place. Once the burning is at a stable, controlled level the chimney lid is closed and starved of oxygen for 24 hours.

The charcoal is then bagged and taken back to Jim’s yard and ground to a fine powder.

Health Benefits of Charcoal:

  • Kidney – Filters undigested toxins, assisting kidneys
  • Cholesterol – help reduce cholesterol levels
  • Stomach – helps to soothe stomach troubles

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