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The Chinese Clock

The Chinese clock in TCM is a helpful tool for identifying which hours of the day are optimal for activities such as eating, drinking, resting and exercising because during certain hours your organs have the most energy.

My Favourite Spiritual Books

I have been asked recently for some personal growth book recommendations.

I love either fictional stories with spiritual morals or helpful guides for triggering an understanding of what we are not so we can better understand who we are. Here are  a few favourites that I often dip back into: 

Signs and symbols in our everyday life

For thousands of years we have been carrying the belief that we are separate from one another and that in order to survive in the world we must compete for our survival. This has been the cause of much of the world’s destruction and our own misery.

Happiness is here and now by Primrose Matheson

I heard something on the radio about happiness the other day.
They were saying that

50% of your happiness comes from your genes,
40% from simple things in life and
10% from chasing future dreams.

Embracing our own equinox by Primrose Matheson

As the spring equinox approaches it has got me considering it as a reflection of our own desire for equilibrium.

An equinox is defined as when the hours of daylight and darkness are approximately of equal length. They occur twice in the year, once around the 20th March and again around 22nd September. It happens because the plane of the earth’s equator passes the centre of the sun so in that instant the tilt of the earth’s axis neither tilts away or towards the sun.

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