At Primrose’s Kitchen our passion is for British made and wherever possible British sourced.

We take great care to find the best quality organic produce grown by passionate farmers and producers like us.

Being a muesli and granola producer we use a LOT of oats.

Being a key ingredient it is important we don’t use just any oats. Our oats our sourced from two different family farms which are both certified gluten free. Our porridge oats are milled the same way they have been since the 1800s using a flat-bed kiln and water powered mill.

Non-organic Oats and wheat contain one of the highest number of pesticide residues of all produce tested (PAN UK) which is why we feel it is so important to be organic. In our opinion no level of residues is the only safe level. This is not only for our health but also to protect the declining insect populations, which play a valuable role in our holistic ecosystem.

Our Vegetable muesli was designed to help you get more fresh vegetables into you diet. We support British growers in Norfolk for our organic carrots and beetroot that grow so well in the UK and our full of great nutrition.

 Apples have been grown in the UK since the Neolithic.

Our supplier Charlie took over the family farm in Kent from his father who was already making juice decided to diversify into apple drying and now supplies us with our dried apple and pear pieces.

Orchards in the UK provide a valuable range of food, shelter and breeding sites for lots of species. Dead and decaying wood provides an important place for the growth of fungi and invertebrates. Rotting fruit provides a food source to all kinds of birds such as thrushes and fieldfares not to mention the mammals such as hedgehogs and badgers.

Because it is difficult to get large heavy machinery in to churn up the soil in an orchard much of the soil is undisturbed and rich in life.

In fragmented landscapes orchards increase the habitat connectivity, the loss of which is a threat to many 1000’s of species.

Important reasons to support our orchards.

There is a diverse web of connections when it comes to the production of our food but I think two valid steps that will help reduce the impact we have on our wildlife and the planet as a whole is moving back to British and supporting Organic.

Join us!

The Chinese clock in TCM is a helpful tool for identifying which hours of the day are optimal for activities such as eating, drinking, resting and exercising because during certain hours your organs have the most energy.


I have been asked recently for some personal growth book recommendations.

I love either fictional stories with spiritual morals or helpful guides for triggering an understanding of what we are not so we can better understand who we are. Here are  a few favourites that I often dip back into:  (more…)

For thousands of years we have been carrying the belief that we are separate from one another and that in order to survive in the world we must compete for our survival. This has been the cause of much of the world’s destruction and our own misery.


I heard something on the radio about happiness the other day.
They were saying that

50% of your happiness comes from your genes,
40% from simple things in life and
10% from chasing future dreams.

As the spring equinox approaches it has got me considering it as a reflection of our own desire for equilibrium.

An equinox is defined as when the hours of daylight and darkness are approximately of equal length. They occur twice in the year, once around the 20th March and again around 22nd September. It happens because the plane of the earth’s equator passes the centre of the sun so in that instant the tilt of the earth’s axis neither tilts away or towards the sun.


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