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Fresh Ginger And Beetroot

Primrose’s Go Organic Tips

I can’t believe we are stepping into September after the fastest summer on record. There is an autumnal tinge to…

Beautiful Nature - Spring Flowers

Primrose’s Spring Tips

Primrose’s Spring Tips   Spring is finally here thank goodness and we can finally shake off the last remnants of…


Make chaos your friend in 2017

It’s a New Year and that time when we throw ourselves into our new years resolutions. Often our diet, exercise routine and social life change in an extreme way for 3-4 weeks as we earnestly try to start our year on a good footing and shed some excess weight.

Diet Dilemmas

By Primrose Matheson, founder of Primrose’s Kitchen

January is here and we all want to do the best for our bodies and ourselves, and start the year the way we mean to go on.

I often have lots of people asking my view on the different diets that are being promoted at the moment. Do I go gluten free? Wheat free? Alkaline? Paleo? Sugarfree? It appears like a terribly confusing situation – but it needn’t be.

Lovely Lemons

Dear All,

How has healthy become so confusing and at times extremely costly? With all these new powders and fruits appearing with added health benefits. Do you sometimes wonder which one should I choose and use?

Weight Loss

Dear All,

Hello all, as we all know obesity is a growing issue with the worry that the increase of obesity and associated health problems could result in the older generation outliving the younger generation.

Skills for Empowerment by Primrose Matheson

Skills for Empowerment

We love the spring and summer months because they represent new starts, new life and there is abundance everywhere. Everything seems possible and positivity is in the air as the vitamin D levels from the sun soar in our body and the Vitamin C from the lush greens replenish our wintered system.

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