COVID-19 Factory Measures

A message to everyone.
At these times, there is nothing the world wants more than certainty. Here at Primrose’s Kitchen, that is exactly what we can offer you. We want every single one of our customers to feel safe and confident in knowing we are doing everything to ensure our products are safely manufactured, showing meticulous effort in everything we do.

  • ALL office workers are working from home where the choice is available.
  • We have minimised production staff. Production is still imperative, so to ensure shops are stocked with Primrose’s Kitchen, we have only KEY staff working at our factory.
  • Consumption of food/ lunch breaks for remaining KEY staff is buffered, preventing the spread of germs.
  • Hand washing is imperative! 20 seconds with HOT, SOAPY water, not towel dried but on a separate disposable towel to prevent sharing of germs.
  • Packing staff measures: Clean coat to be worn, covering all clothes.
  • Working hours buffered. Staff rotating, minimising the number of staff at any one time on the premises.

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