Tipi Valley Yoga, Surf And Soul Retreat By Primrose Matheson

Tipi Valley Yoga, surf and soul retreat by Primrose Matheson

I was lucky enough to be able to escape blighty last week and find myself in the Oasis in Portugal that is Tipi Valley, an eco surf and yoga retreat based in the western Algarve of Southern Portugal next to the town of Aljezur started by a travelling Yogi Laurie Quirk 9 years ago.

Pose Of The Month – May – By Emma Després

Pose of the Month – May – by Emma Després


May is most definitely the month to be inspired and energised by the vitality of nature. You cannot help but feel awakened and enlivened when you immerse yourself in its Spring beauty – here in Guernsey the rich brown Guernsey cows just look simply stunning within the lush green landscape while the colourful hedgerows literally take one’s breath away – how lucky are we to enjoy this all for free, Nature’s abundant present-moment gift to us all.

Pose Of The Month – March – By Emma Després

Pose of the Month – March – by Emma Després

Skandasana (side Leg Stretch)

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am absolutely delighted that Spring is almost here. It feels like it has been a long time in coming with all the seemingly endless wet weather we have experienced recently.

Thrush And Treating It Naturally By Primrose Matheson

Thrush and treating it naturally by Primrose Matheson

I was asked to write some articles about some of the more embarrassing ailments we have to deal with through our life. This was one of them and like all things that you speak about openly and head on, you take away the power they have to embarass or make you feel awkward about . Remember, they are things we all have to deal with at one point or another…

Pose Of The Month – February – Emma Després

Pose of the Month – February – Emma Després

Opening the heart with backbends

With Valentine’s Day appearing middle of the month, February is all about love. Often when we think of love, we think of our love for others, or their love for us; we often forget about our love for ourselves. Indeed it is said that until you have learnt to truly love the self, you will not be able to truly love others.

First Aid Homeopathy For Sport And Exercise

First Aid Homeopathy for Sport and Exercise

With all this exercise taking place across the world as we try and put into action our new years resolutions there is bound to be some strain and “overdoing it” as we push ourselves to get back into shape after the holidays.

Sometimes these sore feelings can last a little while or lead to further decline which is why I have put together a key list of homeopathic first aid remedies you can use easily at home.

Pose Of The Month – January – By Emma Després

Pose of the Month – January – by Emma Després

Happy New Year!   And hooray for a brand new year ahead filled with possibilities and potential!

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I have found 2014 challenging on so many levels. The fact is the energy was very much encouraging us to see, and indeed acknowledge, our shadow side and while this is – eventually – liberating, it is never an easy process. The trouble is we grow, and in the

Autumnal Spring Cleaning? Why Not …By Eleanor Gallia, Medical Herbalist, MNIMH.

Autumnal Spring Cleaning? Why not …By Eleanor Gallia, Medical Herbalist, MNIMH.

Traditionally a spring clean happens in springtime! That’s when the fresh green growth is at its most exciting and the nettles, dandelions and cleavers burst forth with their invitation to cleanse our kidneys, liver and lymphatic system after the long dark winter. However, this November saw an interest new campaign from “The Alcohol Education Trust”, a Dorset based charity working with schools and parents across the county to raise awareness for the need of responsible drinking.

December Pose- Tittibhasana – Firefly Pose

December Pose- Tittibhasana – firefly pose

Pose of the Month for December – Emma Després

Wow, here we are December already, and still it is so warm here in Guernsey. What a year with all that winter rain and then the wonderful endless summer and now this mild weather with above average temperatures, difficult to believe that the shortest day of the year is only now a matter of weeks away.

Caffeine: What Happens? By Fiona Waring.

Caffeine: What Happens? by Fiona Waring.

What is Caffeine? Caffeine is a naturally occurring product that is found in beans and leaves of many plants around the world. It is present in many of our everyday foods and drinks, and can also be harvested and sold as a supplementary drug, often used by students, sports people and those with busy and hectic lifestyles.