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Lovely Lemons

Dear All,

How has healthy become so confusing and at times extremely costly? With all these new powders and fruits appearing with added health benefits. Do you sometimes wonder which one should I choose and use?

Weight Loss

Dear All,

Hello all, as we all know obesity is a growing issue with the worry that the increase of obesity and associated health problems could result in the older generation outliving the younger generation.

Skills for Empowerment by Primrose Matheson

Skills for Empowerment

We love the spring and summer months because they represent new starts, new life and there is abundance everywhere. Everything seems possible and positivity is in the air as the vitamin D levels from the sun soar in our body and the Vitamin C from the lush greens replenish our wintered system.

Pose of the Month – July – by Emma Després

Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward Bow Pose)

Summer is here! Phew, it feels like it has been a long time in coming this year so for us July is all about getting outside and embracing all that the British summer has to offer – trips to the beach, swimming in the sea, outdoor yoga classes, watching the sun setting and the sun rising, picnicking with friends and family, bike rides and evening cliff walks enjoying the smell of the honeysuckle, fresh and abundant vegetables and soft fruit, bbqs and laughter, festivals and camping, live music and dancing. This month is all about having fun, enjoying the abundance in all life and creating more happy memories.

My Favourite Spiritual Books

I have been asked recently for some personal growth book recommendations.

I love either fictional stories with spiritual morals or helpful guides for triggering an understanding of what we are not so we can better understand who we are. Here are  a few favourites that I often dip back into: 

Pose of the Month – June – by Emma Després

Adho Mukha Svanasana

June is my birthday month and as a true Cancerian, I am very much home loving. After a busy few months of travel, I am really looking forward to spending much of this month at home (aside from a pilgrimage to Stonehenge for sunrise on the summer solstice!) to nurture, renew and enjoy this light filled time of year. 

Tipi Valley Yoga, surf and soul retreat by Primrose Matheson

I was lucky enough to be able to escape blighty last week and find myself in the Oasis in Portugal that is Tipi Valley, an eco surf and yoga retreat based in the western Algarve of Southern Portugal next to the town of Aljezur started by a travelling Yogi Laurie Quirk 9 years ago.

Pose of the Month – May – by Emma Després


May is most definitely the month to be inspired and energised by the vitality of nature. You cannot help but feel awakened and enlivened when you immerse yourself in its Spring beauty – here in Guernsey the rich brown Guernsey cows just look simply stunning within the lush green landscape while the colourful hedgerows literally take one’s breath away – how lucky are we to enjoy this all for free, Nature’s abundant present-moment gift to us all.

Pose of the Month – March – by Emma Després

Skandasana (side Leg Stretch)

I do not know about the rest of you, but I am absolutely delighted that Spring is almost here. It feels like it has been a long time in coming with all the seemingly endless wet weather we have experienced recently.

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